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Privacy Policy

The AKA Profiles app (the "App") is a digital identity service that enables users to publically share their contact information, profiles from other applications / services, and online reputation statistics, with both individuals and organizations. The purpose of the App is, on the user's behalf, to automate the decentralization and sharing of personal information and reputation statistics, enabling users to establish new relationships with individuals, communities and organizations.

Distributed Relays

At AKA Profiles, we understand the importance of safeguarding your privacy, especially when it comes to information stored in distributed relays. This section of our Privacy Policy outlines how we handle your information in these decentralized environments.

  1. Distributed Data Collection and Storage

a. Information Collection: When you interact with our services or applications that utilize distributed relays, certain information may be collected and stored in these decentralized systems. This information may include transaction data, relay interactions, and other data relevant to your usage of our services.

b. Decentralized Nature: It's important to note that data stored in distributed relays is typically distributed across multiple relays and is not controlled by a single entity. As a result, any information you provide or actions you take on distributed relays may be permanently visible and accessible to others.

  1. Confidentiality and Security

a. Encryption: Where feasible, we implement encryption protocols to protect sensitive information transmitted or stored on distributed relays. However, it's important to recognize that data stored in distributed relays may still be visible to others due to the transparent nature of the technology.

b. User Responsibility: You are responsible for safeguarding any private keys, credentials, or other access methods associated with your interactions on distributed relays. We recommend taking appropriate precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts and data.

  1. Third-Party Integrations and Interactions

a. Third-Party Services: Our services or applications may interact with third-party protocols, relay networks, or decentralized platforms. When using these integrations, your information may be subject to the privacy policies and terms of service of these third parties.

b. Data Exposure Risks: We cannot control how third-party services handle your information on distributed relays. It's important to review the privacy practices of any third-party services you choose to interact with and understand the potential risks of data exposure.

  1. Data Subject Rights

a. Access and Correction: Due to the distributed nature of relayed data, it may not be possible to modify or delete information once relayed across the network. However, we will make reasonable efforts to assist you in accessing and correcting any inaccuracies in your data to the extent feasible.

b. Data Portability: You may have the right to request a copy of your data stored on distributed relays in a commonly used and machine-readable format. Please contact us to inquire about data portability options.

Expectation of Privacy

The App is designed to enable the sharing of personal information, and users should have a low expectation of privacy. Users should not submit any information that they are not comfortable if shared publicly.

What Information We Obtain

The App uses information either directly submitted by the user, or collected on behalf of the user based on their consent. Users provide consent to collect information from other services by actively authorizing the App to access that information. Once granted, the App may use the initial consent to update the collected information until access either expires or is revoked by the user. In general, the information collected includes (1) required for registration and authentication to the App (2) personal contact information like name, phone number, and email address (3) unique user ID and profile information from other services (4) reputational statistics like number of connections, followers, and content produced from other services (5) activity within the App.

How We Use Information We Obtain

Information collected is used for the purpose of (1) sending messages regarding the usage of the App (2) inclusion in one or more profiles managed by the user (3) as an input into calculating reputational statistics associated with the user (4) storage into a digital claim that can be used to verify the user's identity or reputation by other organizations that have established, or have the intention to establish a 1st party relationship with the user.

How We Share Information

Information is shared in the following ways. (1) Directly shared by the user by creating and sharing links to one or more profiles managed by the App. All profiles are public by default. (2) Via duplication and sharing across multiple public repositories owned by different individuals or organizations.

3rd Party Tooling

The App uses various 3rd party apps and tools. To make use of these tools, personal information may need to be provided when calling 3rd party APIs.

Questions or Concerns

Please submit any privacy questions, concerns, or requests to